Thursday, January 15, 2009

Queer as Folk (UK version) - Season 1

I spent the weekend watching Queer as Folk (UK version) season 1 from the morning, episode one to four straight until 2.30 pm and continue after shopping split, from five to eight. All in a day!

Since I have watched season one Queer as Folk (USA version), I not much anxious of to what going to happen next and no more nerve breakdown as the time I watched QaF Season 1 (USA). Perhaps I am not ready to watch it (stopped at Season 2, episode 4, need to find time and put my mind together, lots of things happening lately.)

It brings sentimental in it. Reminding me to the time during prep-colleg and good time in university in Penang, which all of those are worth remembering. To which I will never forget nor regret for what I did.

It has been quite sometime to hear English accent (London outskirt’s to be exact, which I made terrible laugh when I first heard to them spoken to me, way back like ages ago – their vowel U pronunciation sounds ticklish funny. No offend, though!)

Having watched QaF of both UK and USA version, I would rather say – US version has many issues that it tackled about whilst UK version of more towards reality – not everyone has super great look and only going for sex. But, US version has better impression. I’ll vote 10 for US version, and leaving 9 for UK version.

Now, looking for suitable time to do two hours marathon for second season (or better, finale) QaF UK.

H. Shahirasul Idrewoods

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