Thursday, January 15, 2009

Movie Review: Beautiful Thing (1996)

It has been quite sometimes that I have been watching (or speaking as it matters) in thicked English accent. Sometimes, I myself found it to be hardly enough to understood.

But, that is not case here why I'd suggesting this new PLU Theme Movies (GTM, another term for those who don't). This is another movie that I think has it own meaning trajectories and that go far beyond what we usually think of things to happen.

Main character is Jamie Gangel and Steven (Ste) who fall in love with other, and yet they are young, still going for school and living next door to each other. Ste who lives with hot-temper father and bullying brother, founds his escape with Jamie - often taken home by Jamie's mother, Sandra. Put on the same bed, sleeping as top-and-tail, it laters develop another term to Sandra, "Seventy minus one".

Ste who cannot accept and think what would the society think of him to be known as queer, afraid that others will know and tried to hide it from everyone, especially his father. Since they have no other place that they can share the romance without letting know by others, Jamie proposed to Ste that they can go to gaybar at Gloucester (and bus 180 route takes them there) and Ste being seen to start to accept who he really is without the worries that they are the only two in the world that being different.

It caught laters, that their relation exposed to Sandra - and it amazes me enough to see how Sandra cope with it and giving her support for her son (and son-in-law). She even said to her mate, "I will never have grandchildren."

The story ends where Jamie and Ste dancing together right in front of their town-house and crowd watching them densely dancing will full emotion towards each other. How Jamie and Ste cope with their feeling, and how they are not afraid of the society labels inspired me.

This is a must watch for everybody, since being different doesn't mean that we have to be separated from our loved family - but it should ties us closer.

One way ticket takes me anywhere, northbound, southbound, I don't even care. I know the grass is greener there. Age is only a number.

Some things are just hard to say. When it's going to happen, it's going to happen at last.

IMDB review: This tender story of two teenager's sexual coming of age in a working-class development in London is an inspiring, tender, emotional tale. Jamie is a reserved teen, close to his pub manager mom, who prefers old Hollywood musicals to sports. His friendship with his hunky neighbor Ste, a fellow student who suffers through a troubled family life, soon develops into a sexual and eventually a loving relationship. How the two boys tentatively handle their nascent sexual drives and how it affects their family and friends is handled in both a fresh and surprisingly upbeat fashion. A wonderful comedy-drama and possibly the best coming out film to date.

Aleph: It comes to me that either we face it or we'll never know of ourself. You're on your own when you're swimming, but loves will give the route for you to follow. I give 5/5 - a must watch!

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