Thursday, January 15, 2009

Movie Review: Breakfast with Scot (2007)

Ever wonder if two committed person taking care a child? How would it looks like, then? How if one of the person is not ready, thus creating situations into their daily lives? Or one of them trying to be in closet?

I think this movie answer so many part of two committed guys, on how they see life, and how can they put more colours into their life and blend it so that the colours can also bring emotion. How Eric still trying to keep closeted of his personal life, though the things he tried to hide was well known to his friends and co-workers (including his boss), the reason they don't want to say anything was they want to respect his choice. Hardly enough, that Sam tries to heat their relation and putting thing of being couple into their daily lives, but being rejected by Eric whenever they are in public.
Being cold for sometimes, Eric later realises that people already knew that he is gay - and yet they still don't mind. He tries to nurture Scot's ever growing tendencies to be closeted as his, but only to find that he can never run away from being who he is and who he was.

Despite being the one who ruined the atmosphere, Eric then being the one that warms his committed relationship and put away the homophobic shyness (internalise homopobia) in himself.

Breakfast with Scot brings another dimension, on how relationship and life and colours and emotions play greater roles into being who we are and how we choose to live with and to live about. Not only that, we need to assimilate from personal life and professional life so that people not going to see that we are not someone without talent.

I love this movie, and will watch it again... I hope we can benefit much from this movie on the part of understanding our own emotions.
IMDB Comment:
This is a fantastic script - hilarious with heart. Ed and Sam have been in a committed relationship for four years. Ed's a former hockey player turned sportscaster and Sam's a sport's lawyer. But when Sam's adventure seeking brother Billy, takes a job in South America, his ex-girlfriend, Julie, is discovered dead from a drug overdose leaving her son Scot (not Billy's son) to Billy. But Billy is missing in action so Sam is left to pick up the pieces. But the problem is Ed never wanted kids. When 11 year old Scot arrives and they open his duffle bag, inside they find... one pink musical hairbrush, two plastic containers of beads and faux-gold chains, a pink poodle belt, and four pairs of white sock-ettes with lacy fringe at the top... they realize Scot is more out of the closet then they are even though he does not know it yet. A unique boy in an even more unusual situation, Scot throws Ed and Sam's life into complete disarray. When Billy finally show's up to take Scot back to South America - Ed and Sam can't bear the thought of losing Scot. In the spirit of ABOUT A BOY, BILLY ELLIOT and MA VIE EN ROSE, BREAKFAST WITH SCOT explores what it truly means to be a family, hilariously contrasting familial stereotypes with the realities of family life and showing how it feels to be a boy who doesn't quite fit into the role society has prepared for him.

In sum, a PLU movie does not need to have sex frames to make it lively.

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